Vibin Fridays – Avicii – Levels


Wish I was coming back with better news today.  It appears that Avicii has passed away, 28 years old.  Sad.

Guess the dude had his demons and seems like they may have caught up to him.

He was our first ever Vibin Fridays so seems only right to have Vibin Fridays today be one of the bangers he put out.



Vibin Fridays – Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama


Ok Ok so this isnt an actual song.  Although there are plenty of remixed versions of it out there.

But it just wouldnt be a St Paddys day without this video.

Who all seen the Leprechaun say YEAHHHHHH!

Enjoy the weekend.


The Madness Is Upon Us…Here Is The Only Bracket You Need

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 2.33.54 PM


Was gone for a minute but now Im back.  And honestly still in shock that Philly won the Super Bowl, but I digress.

March Madness is here and everyone knows what that means….BRACKETS!

Here is mine, yes I have UNC repeating.  Call me crazy, but when they are on they can beat anybody, and they have experience at the guard position which is crucial this time of year.  And this just seems like the type of year where Izzo will have one of those Izzo type runs.

Enjoy the Madness!


Easy Money Picks – Super Bowl LII (52)

Here we go again.  Ho Hum, another Super Bowl, another appearance by the Patriots.  I know its been said a millions different times in a million different ways but its just flat out stupid what they have been able to accomplish over the last 15 years or so.  I will say this though, in all of these Patriot Super Bowl runs with Brady/Belichick they have come down to the last drive or even the last play to decide it.  Will this year be any different?

Super Bowl Picks:             STRAIGHT UP            AGAINST SPREAD

PHI @ NE (-4.5)                   NE                       NE

LAST WEEK:                            1 – 1                                     1 – 1

YEAR TO DATE                      167 – 99                        112– 142 – 12


Bonus Prop Bet Picks:

Coin Toss – Tails

Over/Under National Anthem 2:00 – Under



Check Out These Jeopardy Contestants Who Have Zero Idea What Football Is



Generally the sports categories are ignored all together and only called upon when its absolutely the last thing left.  But usually someone gets at least one or maybe even two of the answers.  Or hell even rings in and gives it a shot.

Not these nerds.  Nope just stood there and didnt even try and just took it while Alex was stuntin all over them.


Also how about the Jeopardy account off the top rope with a dig at the Browns. Savage!


Easy Money Picks – NFL Conference Championships

Spot in the Super Bowl on the line this weekend.  Im hoping both these games are as good or at least have a similar type ending to that Saints v Vikings game last weekend.  Lets get to the conference championship picks

Conf Champ Picks:             STRAIGHT UP             AGAINST SPREAD

JAC @ NE (-9)                     NE                         JAC

MIN @ PHI (+3)                  MIN                         MIN

LAST WEEK:                            1 – 3                                  2 – 1 – 1

YEAR TO DATE                       166 – 98                           111– 141 – 12