Golden State Warriors, NBA Champs Again



The Golden State Warriors are NBA Champions!  We should probably get used to hearing that phrase for the foreseeable future.

This was supposed to be the series to end all series.  The Warriors cruised through the western conference, and aside from a hiccup or two the Cavs did the same in the east.  But this was going to be the series that saved the 2017 NBA playoffs and in the end it was a dud just the same.

There were some great performances, Finals MVP Kevin Durant put on a show from start to finish.  LeBron had a historic performance, I mean the guy averaged a triple double in the finals while shooting 59% for crying out loud.  He honestly probably should have won Finals MVP even on a losing team.

In the end, the finish was just about what everyone thought it would be from the moment KD signed the dotted line in Golden State.  Ya the Cavs managed to get one to avoid the sweep, but all that did was delay the inevitable.

Time will tell if LeBron or anyone else can put a team together that can compete with these Warriors.  Until then you might as well go ahead and pencil in the Warriors as champs for at least the next 3-4 years.  And if thats the case?  Whats the point of even watching?


Mr Met Gives Fans The Bird During A Blowout Loss At Home


Everyone associated with the Mets is not happy about the way this season has gone, even the mascot.

Last night during another Mets drubbing, a 7-1 loss to the Brewers, Mr Met was caught giving a fan the bird while walking back to the locker room.

Listen, there is only so much sh*t one man can take, even Mr Met.

Reports coming out today that the guy that was wearing the costume last night was fired by the Mets.  Apparently they have multiple people that wear the costume, news to me, but much like this season for the Mets, this kids time of being Mr Met is over.



Vibin Fridays – Audioslave – Like A Stone


Hate posting things like this.  Especially for Vibin Friday, which I usually try to keep on the lighter side.

But sometimes things happen that have to be acknowledged.  Yesterday we learned of the death, apparent suicide, of Chris Cornell.  A tragic story that we have heard over and over.

Simply put, guy was an incredible talent, unique voice, but obviously troubled.

Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave, and everything else he was a part of was better of for it.

Sucks.  Dont be afraid to get help people.



Vibin Fridays – Ja Rule ft Ashanti – Always On Time


Not sure if you have seen what has come out about this music festival in the Bahamas, if not then google Fyre Festival or check the hashtag on twitter #fyrefestival

But long story short, this was apparently supposed to be some lavish music festival that people paid thousands of dollars for and was headlined by Ja Rule and Blink182.  Turns out it was a total disaster and Blink 182 bailed, the “cabanas” people were supposed to have turned out to be disaster relief tent.  Total chaos.


However got me thinking about Ja Rule jams from back in the late 90s/early 2ks.

So here it is.

Enjoy the weekend


ESPN Making Huge Cuts, Lays Off 100 People


The news of massive cuts at ESPN started rolling in this morning.

And then kept on rolling in throughout the day.

And there were many others.  Look it sucks to lose your job, especially when you didnt see it coming, which Im guessing at least a few of these people didnt.  So best of luck to all those that got the boot today.

A bold move by a company that seems unsure of where its going.  ESPN is still the Worldwide Leader In Sports, but is definitely not the untouchable juggernaut it used to be not all that long ago.

Spending billions on live sports rights over the next few years, and with flops like the Longhorn Network, and continually dropping subscriber numbers, it will be interesting to see how/if ESPN can adapt and what they will look like in 5 years.



Charlie Murphy Dead At Age 57




Sad news today as one of the greatest story tellers of our time, probably of all time, Charlie Murphy, has died at age 57 of leukemia.

This guy lived a wild life being the brother of one of the biggest superstars in the game in the 80s and early 90s, and had the stories to prove it.

RIP Charlie Murphy


Almost impossible to find a good version of the Rick James sketch so heres the link to the Comedy Central version.