Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 10

We are on the back half of the season now.  Some teams making that playoff push, others making that push for a high draft pick next year.  And were pushing to make as much bank as we can.  Lets go to the week 10 picks.

Week 10 Picks:                    STRAIGHT UP              AGAINST SPREAD

SEA @ ARI (+6)                 SEA                       SEA

NO @ BUF (+3)                NO                        NO

CIN @ TEN (-4.5)            TEN                       TEN

MIN @ WAS (+1.5)            WAS                      WAS

LAC @ JAC (-3.5)               JAC                       JAC

NYJ @ TB (+2.5)                 NYJ                       NYJ

GB @ CHI (-5.5)                 CHI                        GB

CLE @ DET (-11)             DET                            CLE

PIT @ IND (+10)               PIT                           PIT

HOU @ LAR (-11)            STL                         STL

DAL @ ATL (-3)                  DAL                         DAL

NYG @ SF (+2.5)                 SF                         SF

NE @ DEN (+7.5)               NE                          NE

MIA @ CAR (-9)                   CAR                         MIA

LAST WEEK:                            8 – 5                                    9 – 3 – 1

YEAR TO DATE                       78 – 54                               57 – 71 – 4




Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 9

Now thats what Im talking about.  These are the kinds of weeks we need.  Lets see if we can keep the train rolling into week 9.

Week 9 Picks:                    STRAIGHT UP               AGAINST SPREAD

BUF @ NYJ (+3)                 BUF                      BUF

ATL @ CAR (+1.5)            ATL                       ATL

BAL @ TEN (-3.5)             TEN                      BAL

IND @ HOU (-13)              HOU                      IND

TB @ NO (-6.5)                 NO                       NO

DEN @ PHI (-7.5)             PHI                      PHI

CIN @ JAC (-5.5)              JAC                       JAC

LAR @ NYG (+3.5)           STL                     STL

ARI @ SF (+2.5)                ARI                      ARI

WAS @ SEA (-7)                 SEA                     WAS

KC @ DAL (-1)                  KC                        KC

OAK @ MIA (+3)             OAK                       MIA

DET @ GB (+2.5)              DET                       DET

LAST WEEK:                            11 – 2                                    9 – 4

YEAR TO DATE                       70 – 49                               48 – 68 – 3



The Houston Astros Are The 2017 World Series Champions



At the end of what is one of the crazier series in recent memory the Houston Astros come out on top to become the 2017 World Series champions.  This series seemed like it had a little something for everyone.  Great pitching, great defensive plays, a ton of runs, record setting number of homeruns, a game that lasted only 2.5 hours and one that went over 5 hours.

As an Astros fan its a little surreal.  This is only their second appearance in the World Series, and the first one may as well not have counted.  Biggio and Bagwell were at the very end of their long careers, things fell right for them to get there and then they got manhandled and swept by the Chicago White Sox in 2005.

But this team was different.  Young talent up and down the roster that they have been building up in recent years.  And make no mistake the Astros were reallllyyyy bad not all that long ago.  Three straight 100+ loss seasons, as a franchise the Astros have more 100+ loss seasons than they do 100+ win seasons, think about that, but this was one of those teams.

On top of that you throw on all the stuff the city of Houston has had to go through with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  I dont buy too much in the destiny stuff, but man if there was ever a year for everything to come together for Houston, this was it.

Hopefully they can keep the core together for a while and make a couple runs at this because this year has been a heck of a ride.

SI apparently knew what was up all along based on this 2014 cover:


Congrats Houston Astros!


Cleveland Browns Pull A Browns And Mess Up A Done Deal


I mean literally what is there left to say at this point?  The Browns gonna Browns I guess.  Just a perfect Browns story here, all of it.  Have a deal in place for AJ McCarron, which is a side story, like really you thing THAT is your answer, but a done deal.

Just kidding, not done because they forgot to send in the paperwork to the league office while they were celebrating the trade for, and I repeat AJ McCarron.

This Cleveland reporter sums it up best:


Never change Browns, never change.


Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 8

Managed to turn around the straight up picks, still got to get those spread ratios looking better.  Nothin to it but to do it.  Lets go to week 8.

Week 8 Picks:                    STRAIGHT UP               AGAINST SPREAD

MIA @ BAL (-3)                 BAL                    MIA

MIN @ CLE (+9.5)            MIN                      MIN

SF @ PHI (-13)                   PHI                      SF

CAR @ TB (-2)                  CAR                        CAR

CHI @ NO (-9)                  NO                      CHI

ATL @ NYJ (+4.5)            ATL                       ATL

LAC @ NE (-7)               NE                       NE

OAK @ BUF (-2.5)            OAK                      OAK

IND @ CIN (-11)               CIN                      IND

HOU @ SEA (-5.5)            SEA                       HOU

DAL @ WAS (+2)            WAS                       WAS

PIT @ DET (+3)               PIT                        PIT

DEN @ KC (-7)                 KC                        KC

LAST WEEK:                            11 – 4                                    3 – 10 – 2

YEAR TO DATE                       59 – 47                               39 – 64 – 3


Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 7

Ouch, rough week for ya boy.  Still better than Aaron Rodgers though.  Whats up with all the big name players going down this year?  Time to pick ourselves up and dust off the Ls.  On to week 7.

Week 7 Picks:                    STRAIGHT UP               AGAINST SPREAD

KC @ OAK (+3)                   KC                     KC

ARI @ LAR (-3.5)              STL                      ARI

TB @ BUF (-3)                    BUF                       BUF

BAL @ MIN (-5.5)             MIN                       BAL

JAC @ IND (+3)                   JAC                      JAC

NYJ @ MIA (-3)                  MIA                       NYJ

CAR @ CHI (+3)                 CAR                       CAR

TEN @ CLE (+5.5)            TEN                      TEN

NO @ GB (+4)                     NO                      GB

DAL @ SF (+6)                    DAL                      SF

SEA @ NYG (+4.5)              NYG                      NYG

DEN @ LAC (PK)                DEN                       DEN

CIN @ PIT (-5)                     PIT                      PIT

ATL @ NE (-3.5)                NE                       NE

WAS @ PHI (-4.5)                PHI                     WAS

LAST WEEK:                            4 – 10                                    6 – 8

YEAR TO DATE                       48 – 43                               36 – 54 – 1