Golden State Warriors, NBA Champs Again



The Golden State Warriors are NBA Champions!  We should probably get used to hearing that phrase for the foreseeable future.

This was supposed to be the series to end all series.  The Warriors cruised through the western conference, and aside from a hiccup or two the Cavs did the same in the east.  But this was going to be the series that saved the 2017 NBA playoffs and in the end it was a dud just the same.

There were some great performances, Finals MVP Kevin Durant put on a show from start to finish.  LeBron had a historic performance, I mean the guy averaged a triple double in the finals while shooting 59% for crying out loud.  He honestly probably should have won Finals MVP even on a losing team.

In the end, the finish was just about what everyone thought it would be from the moment KD signed the dotted line in Golden State.  Ya the Cavs managed to get one to avoid the sweep, but all that did was delay the inevitable.

Time will tell if LeBron or anyone else can put a team together that can compete with these Warriors.  Until then you might as well go ahead and pencil in the Warriors as champs for at least the next 3-4 years.  And if thats the case?  Whats the point of even watching?


Steph Curry Went And Got His Own Emoji App


Welp, there it is.  I mean I guess you have to strike while the iron is hot.  And I get that, these athletes marketability lifespan usually only lasts a short period of time.

That said.  C’mon MAN!  Anyone over the age of like 12, that pays the $1.99 for this app should have to give up their phone privileges.

He was smart though and got the whole family involved, from pops all the way down to little Riley.  Way to cast the broadest net, hit all the target markets.

Cant knock the man’s hustle.

Beyond that, why do people keep calling this dude so humble?  Oh hes a humble champ, man hes so humble.  Are we watching the same thing?

Maybe he doesnt talk a lot of trash in the post game press conferences, but during the game, the dude might be the cockiest player in the league.  Not saying that he cant back it up, or even that I dont like it.  But there aint nothing humble about shimmying all over the court, or turning and taunting the opposing bench before your shot even goes in.

PS – Warriors in 6