Vibin Fridays – Prince – Lets Go Crazy


I know I know, havent been blogging much lately.  I miss you guys too.

Wanted to get this out today though.  Its been a year since Prince died, still crazy stuff.

Here is his performance of Lets Go Crazy from the Super Bowl a few years back, to take you into the weekend.

PS – its damn near impossible to find any original Prince stuff on YouTube


Vibin Fridays – Prince – Purple Rain

The cube life has gotten in the way of the blog life lately, but I couldnt let today go by without paying tribute to another legend gone too soon.

The Purple One, prince died yesterday at the age of 57.

This isnt even his best song, but one that most people will recognize, and its still a jam.

I could post a hundred videos on this blog and it still wouldnt do the man justice.

RIP Prince


PS – Obligatory


I mean do I even really need to say anything here….its Prince!

Just a straight fire J-A-M. Anyone thats ever heard a Prince song knows they just ooze sex, and this one is no different.

And as only Prince can do he took morningwood and early morning sex and turned it into a smooth ass melody.

Prince you crazy SOB, I dont always understand you, but damn it do I respect you.

Plus everyone knows you serve up pancakes after the beatdown. Breakfast can wait indeed.

Obligatory clip: