Vibin Fridays – DMX – Rudolph The RedNosed Reindeer


Coming in HOT!

Wanted to start the month of December off with a banger, and then DMX drops this on us earlier this week.

Some of you might remember the following clip going viral a few years ago of DMX doing this off the cuff when put on the spot.


And I thought then he needed to put out a full version, absolute no brainer there.  Not sure why it took so long, but never the less here we have it.

Enjoy the weekend.


Vibin Fridays – Audioslave – Like A Stone


Hate posting things like this.  Especially for Vibin Friday, which I usually try to keep on the lighter side.

But sometimes things happen that have to be acknowledged.  Yesterday we learned of the death, apparent suicide, of Chris Cornell.  A tragic story that we have heard over and over.

Simply put, guy was an incredible talent, unique voice, but obviously troubled.

Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave, and everything else he was a part of was better of for it.

Sucks.  Dont be afraid to get help people.